What does Chonky mean?

Chonky is a term that is regularly used as an alternative name and adjective for cats with high body-fat percentage. Β 

Another catchphrase to label such an occurrence is oh lawd he comin, which refers to a way of movement that is carried out by fat animals and especially housecats.


What's the origin of Chonky?

Several Facebook groups were created from the 2010s dedicated to sharing chonky animals.

In 2018, the meme of origin was submitted to a group called This cat is chonky.

It featured a photoshopped version of a housecat body fat-risk chart, with Oh Lawd he comin standing at the place of most obese body type. It was titled The Chonk Chart.

Spread & Usage

How did Chonky spread?

This post eventually popularized the term chonk, and with that, Oh Lawd he comin broke into public consciousness as well.

The Chonk Chart was paired with audio and uploaded on YouTube in 2018, and has gained over 7 million views since.

A number of subreddits were also created after the hype, such as /r/chonkers.

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