Stream Sniping


What does Stream Sniping mean?

Stream-sniping is a video game tactic in multiplayer games.

It requires that one person is live streaming their game, for example on the popular streaming platform often used by gamers “Twitch”.

An opponent in the game will then cheat by watching the other player’s live stream, and then knowing exactly where they are on the map, what weapon they use, where they base is and their strategy, and can then easily move accordingly.

Some game developers have developed preventative measures to support fair gaming. These are separate game modes called “Streamer mode”.


What's the origin of Stream Sniping?

Stream sniping was only made possible by very high internet connections and reliable streaming services.

Therefore, the possibility of successful Stream sniping has only existed in the last decade or so, as a live stream would normally be too unreliable previously, hence wouldn’t be of much support for the cheater.

Spread & Usage

How did Stream Sniping spread?

Stream sniping is normally done in online multiplayer role playing games or battle royale game modes.

YouTube features numerous videos of people Stream sniping players of the popular Battle Royale game Fortnite. Some are even live streaming Stream sniping.

People who turn to Stream sniping do so either with the desire of winning the game, or with the agenda of humiliating the streaming player.

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