Strike Me Down, Zeus


What does Strike Me Down, Zeus mean?

Strike me down, Zeus is a quote from a viral video, in which a young man is standing outside in a thunderstorm, holding a spade toward the sky, taunting the Greek god of lightning.

The video ends abruptly with a flash and a thunder, implying that the man was struck by a bolt from the sky.

Strike me down zeus


What's the origin of Strike Me Down, Zeus?

The original video was uploaded to YouTube by Blargenheimer on May 12th, 2019, depicting the man riding for his fall in a thunderstorm, with the phrase “Strike me down, Zeus!” ending it with “You don’t have the balls” when suddenly the video ends with a flash of light and a thundering sound.

Spread & Usage

How did Strike Me Down, Zeus spread?

The video became a popular phenomenon, getting reposted on numerous subreddits.

With time, a large number of edits and parodies of the original clip started appearing on YouTube, including references to the Fallout series as well as the Hey You, You’re Finally Awake meme from Skyrim.

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