What does TheLegend27 mean?

The term “TheLegened27” refers to a username in an online advertisement video, where players discussing this player who overcame every single one of them in the game called “Game of War: Fire Age” without breaking a sweat.

The story of the advertisement has spawned an entry to the subpage /r/copypasta on the messaging board website called Reddit.


What's the origin of TheLegend27?

The video advertisement for the mobile game called “Game of War: Fire Age” has been uploaded to YouTube with the first mention of the term in late 2016, which has gained views in the millions.

Spread & Usage

How did TheLegend27 spread?

Given the amount of cringe in the video advertisement, the internet has gone in hard on it, creating multiple “copypasta” stories, that were all submitted to the messaging board website called Reddit in the next few days.

From here it went on to become a super popular term, which had mentions in stories and memes referring to the cringe in the original context, mostly used on the website called CollegeHumor and the video sharing platform called YouTube.

At the height of its popularity, a video was submitted to YouTube, where the term was included in a compilation, further popularising it has gained over 2 million views.

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