They’re Good Dogs Brent


What does They’re Good Dogs Brent mean?

When someone says They’re Good Dogs Brent, they are expressing a playful and sarcastic affirmation of the inherent ​goodness of dogs. The phrase is typically used in response to a‍ situation where a Doge is being criticized or misunderstood. It’s a humorous⁢ way of defending dogs ⁢and emphasizing their positive ⁤qualities.

The expression itself comes from an online interaction on Twitter, where a user named Brant criticized the page WeRateDogs for rating all dogs over at leas 11 on a scale of 10. Evidently, Brant was missing the 5/7 rating.

Example: Imagine a scenario where someone says, “Dogs are too messy and not worth the trouble.” In response, someone might say, “They’re Good Dogs Brent!” ⁣to sarcastically highlight the⁤ general goodness of dogs and express disagreement with the negative opinion.

They’re good dogs, Brent!


What's the origin of They’re Good Dogs Brent?

The phrase “They’re Good ‍Dogs Brent” originated from a humorous online ⁤interaction between an ‌internet user and the Twitter account @dog_rates.On September 12th, 2016, a user named @Brant criticized a dog for supposedly breaking into a hot ⁤dog stand. WeRateDogs responded⁤ by ⁤tweeting a picture of the dog with the⁣ caption, “They’re‍ Good Dogs Brent,” in a humorous attempt to diffuse the situation and emphasize the dog’s positive ⁤qualities despite the alleged‌ misbehavior, protecting them from falling prey of the Cone of Shame.

The tweet quickly gained ‍popularity and ⁣became⁣ a meme. It resonated with dog lovers and sparked a wave⁢ of ⁤humorous references to the phrase across ‌social media platforms.

Spread & Usage

How did They’re Good Dogs Brent spread?

The tweet was instantly recognized by the masses, with bountiful retweets and responses. Following its viral spread,⁢ “They’re⁤ Good Dogs Brent” became a popular catchphrase used ​in various contexts where dogs are either being criticized or praised. It has been widely shared on social media platforms,‍ incorporated into memes, and applied ⁤to images ‍of well-behaved, mischievous, or silly ⁢dogs.

“They’re good dogs Brent” was immediately used by Twitter users to create imaginative memes, applying the phrase as a caption on them. The phrase has also appeared ⁣on merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, and phone cases, further solidifying its place in pop culture. Event The Washington Post cited the joke as one of the best memes of 2016.

The enduring appeal of “They’re Good Dogs Brent”⁤ lies in its ability ⁣to simultaneously defend and celebrate dogs while poking fun at situations where their goodness‍ is questioned. Whether in serious​ debates or light-hearted discussions, this phrase continues to bring‌ humor and love ⁤for our furry friends.

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