They’re Good Dogs Brent


What does They’re Good Dogs Brent mean?

They’re good dogs Brent refers to a popular phrase, originating from the tweet of @dog_rates, in which the account put user @brant in place, following his complaints about the rating system of the account.


What's the origin of They’re Good Dogs Brent?

The Twitter account @dog_rates, aka. We Rate Dogs is an account focused on comically rating canines in cute poses and funny moments.

They frequently give dogs scores that go beyond 10/10.

On September 12th, 2016, Twitter user @brant called out the page that he finds little logic in the rating system of the account.

In response, @dog_rates posted a tweet, which said “they’re good dogs Brent”.

Spread & Usage

How did They’re Good Dogs Brent spread?

The tweet was instantly recognized by the masses, with bountiful retweets and responses.

“They’re good dogs Brent” was immediately used by Twitter users to create imaginative memes, applying the phrase as a caption on them.

The Washington Post cited the joke as one of the best memes of 2016.

As of June, 2021, “they’re good dogs Brent” remains a popular way of complimenting dogs on Twitter.

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