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What does Twitch Thot mean?

The term Twitch thot refers to women in the streaming industry, who instead of uploading meaningful and quality content, are merely exposing their cleavages to increase the number of viewers, as well as maybe get drunk to entertain the fans at least to some extent.

The most notable “Twitch thot” like that is Alinity, who got real famous thanks to her scandal, involving PewDiePie.

Twitch thot queen Alinity


What's the origin of Twitch Thot?

With the rising popularity of the streaming industry, some women, ready to take advantage of the opportunity, decided to intermarry the camgirl profession with videogame streaming and vlogging, resulting in the peculiar phenomenon; “Twitch thots”.

It is unclear, who the expression originates from, though one of its earliest cases appear in PewDiePie’s “Testing Out Eye Tracking” in which he is trying not to look at the deep cleavages of these girls and calls them “twitch thots” in his frustration.

The phrase is the combination of the name of the main streaming platform; Twitch and THOT, which is an acronym of “That Ho Over There”.

Spread & Usage

How did Twitch Thot spread?

Due to the scandal, Alinity had put up after the aforementioned video of PewDiePie, people had started to apply the term for her and her “colleagues” more frequently, out of spite.

Alinity then used this opportunity to highlight the sexism in the streaming industry.

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