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What does Twitch Thot mean?

The term Twitch Thot has become increasingly popular in recent years and refers to a female streamer who uses their physical appearance to draw in more viewers. This type of behavior often involves wearing revealing clothing, behaving flirtatiously, or getting overly intoxicated while streaming. Unfortunately, this has led to many women being unfairly labeled as “Twitch Thots” simply for expressing themselves in a certain way on the platform.

In some cases, this kind of behavior can be seen as empowering and a form of self-expression. However, Twitch has taken steps to address the issue by banning streamers who engage in behavior deemed inappropriate or offensive. This includes using sexual innuendos, derogatory language, and lewd gestures.

Ultimately, while some may view the term “Twitch Thot” as harmless slang, it is important to remember that it is an insult that can have serious consequences for those that are targeted by it. It is essential for streamers to be aware of the implications of their actions when streaming and take responsibility for the impact they have on their audience.

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What's the origin of Twitch Thot?

Although the exact origin of the phrase is impossible to trace, it was created by the online community, through the combination of the streaming platform Twitch and the hood acronym Thot, which stands for “That Ho Over There”.

One of the earliest mentions of “Twitch Thot” can be traced to the TESTING OUT EYETRACKING video of YouTuber PewDiePie, who first uploaded it to his channel in May 2018. When finding it difficult to avoid streamers’ cleavages with his gaze, he exclaims in his frustration, calling them “Twitch Thots”.

Since then, the original video has been taken down due to copyright reasons, and was reuploaded by PewDiePie himself, as well as several other channels.

Spread & Usage

How did Twitch Thot spread?

A few days following the release of the PewDiePie video, Twitch streamer Alinity began speaking out against the famous YouTuber, taking offense at the moniker. Alinity was later joined by several other streamers, standing up to the perceived misogyny of PewDiePie and his fans. This, however, had only increased the popularity of the phrase “Twitch Thot”, which saw a rapid rise among the followers of PewDiePie, as well as gamers in general.

By Summer 2018, “Twitch Thot” had become a go-to insult of Incels, trying to diss female content creators online, who despite all, weren’t bothered enough by the expression to change their behavior or apparel in their streams.

The phrase was a pioneer of its own, as it came before the large number of OnlyFans influencers making money online with their special… assets. Today, “Twitch Thot” is still a widely used term, mostly to make misogynistic remarks on the internet. Countless online influencers have fallen victim to the expression, with figures like Alinity, Amouranth and STPeach on the forefront.

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