Unsee Juice


What does Unsee Juice mean?

The term⁣ Unsee Juice refers to a fictional substance that, when consumed, supposedly allows the drinker to erase any unwanted or disturbing images⁤ from their memory.

It has ⁤become a popular metaphor used humorously ⁢to‌ describe ​the desire to unsee or forget something unpleasant that has⁤ been witnessed, typically in the ⁣form of an⁢ image or ⁣video. The concept of “Unsee Juice” often alludes to the all-too-relatable situations where one comes across disturbing or‌ cringe-worthy content ​on the internet. A popular version of the “Unsee Juice” is Brain Bleach, which is useful for erasing memories of disturbing things, like Cake FartsEmetophilia or Coprophilia.

Example: Imagine stumbling upon a​ cringeworthy video of someone attempting a ‌failed catwalk at a fashion show. After watching it, you may jokingly think, “I wish I had ‍some Unsee Juice to erase⁤ that image‌ from my mind!”

Unsee Juice


What's the origin of Unsee Juice?

The exact origin ⁤of the term “Unsee Juice” is uncertain, but it gained popularity on internet forums and social media platforms.

⁣Memes featuring⁤ “Unsee Juice” began circulating around 2018, often accompanied by ​humorous captions or comments ⁣suggesting the need to erase an image⁣ from memory. The term ⁢is ‌derived from the natural desire to ⁤unsee something disturbing or uncomfortable, capturing a collective sentiment shared by many​ internet users.

An early case of the “unsee juice” image macro, depicting the Big Sip Bird was posted as a reaction to a discomforting tweet by @OatsAreGood on September 11th, 2018. This object labeling reaction image was uploaded to Imgur by brycanthe on November 13th of the same year.

Spread & Usage

How did Unsee Juice spread?

The “Unsee‌ Juice” concept quickly​ gained momentum online, particularly ‍among meme communities and platforms known for their⁤ witty and lighthearted content.

These‍ memes playfully acknowledge the​ shared desire to erase certain images from memory and exaggerate it with the amusing notion of a magical “Unsee⁤ Juice.”

“Unsee juice” would appear on Reddit as an independent catchphrase starting in November, 2018, spreading to various other sites, including Twitter. The meme’s popularity rose in early 2019, however it later dwindled during the summer.

Following the upload of the Urban Dictionary definition in May, 2020, the popularity of the phrase seemed to recover, appearing on a number of subreddits as well as Twitter and other social media posts, comments and image macros.

The proliferation of “Unsee Juice” ‌memes has led to its ‍widespread use among⁤ internet users as a relatable and humorous way⁤ to cope ‍with the disturbing or cringe-worthy content that can often ‌be encountered online.

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