It be like that sometimes


What does It be like that sometimes mean?

A frequently used phrase for when life is giving you troubles that you cannot easily fix, so you just have to let it pass and wait till life is done giving you a beating.

A person may say it to themselves during a hard time, or another person can say it as a sign of sympathy to the person going through a tough time, and they don’t have any good advice to give them.

It is what you say when there is no logical way to fix the issue, but it could happen to anyone, so you just have to be patient and hold on till your life gets itself into place again.

It be like that sometimes


What's the origin of It be like that sometimes?

The phrase was first defined online in July 2006, as a phrase to describe the usual ups-and-downs of life.

It set the beginning for numerous other variations of the same phrase.

Spread & Usage

How did It be like that sometimes spread?

The phrase is frequently used as title for YouTube videos featuring an unfortunate storyline or incident in someone’s life.

It has also inspired the creation of popular memes, for example the popular green M&M with the face of Dr.Phil, described by the similar phrase “it really do be like that sometimes”, posted in 2017.

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