It really do be like that sometimes


What does It really do be like that sometimes mean?

The slang phrase is a reaction to a situation – often unfortunate – that you have no control of.

If something bad happens or doesn’t go as planned, you would say the phrase with the aim of comforting yourself. Sometimes you just have to accept what happens.

Another situation is that you tell a story to someone, and the listener responds to the situation with It really do be like that sometimes, to show support, even when not knowing how to help out.

The phrase is synonymous to “That’s just how it is” or “there is nothing you can do about it”, and somewhat similar to “shit happens”.


What's the origin of It really do be like that sometimes?

The exact phrase It really do be like that sometimes was first shared as a meme on Twitter in 2017.

It is derived from the very similar 2006 phrase “It be like that sometimes”, similar to multiple other versions.

The original meme featured a green M&M with the face of Dr.Phil photoshopped onto it, and the situation it was meant to describe was “When the homie forgot you now that he up”.

Spread & Usage

How did It really do be like that sometimes spread?

Just a few days after the Twitter post, the image with the phrase spread over to YouTube videos, shared by well-known YouTubers.

Besides being meme material, the phrase is often used in daily speech.

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