It Bears Repeating


What does It Bears Repeating mean?

It Bears Repeating refers to a popular phrase in the English language, used for highlighting the importance of an information, basically the Rinse and Repeat of knowledge, that should be brought up again, until one truly learns it.


What's the origin of It Bears Repeating?

While the exact origin of the phrase “It bears repeating” is not known, it first started emerging in modern English usage around the late 18th century, with more documented cases appearing around the final decades of the 1800’s.

Spread & Usage

How did It Bears Repeating spread?

The 20th century saw a significant rise in the usage of “It bears repeating”, appearing both in written and spoken sources.

Starting in the 1990’s, and especially in the 2000’s, the phrase started gaining significant exposure, due to puns being illustrated, displaying bears, along with captions saying, “It bears repeating”.

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