It’s a Wrap


What does It’s a Wrap mean?

The phrase It’s a⁤ Wrap is a colloquial expression used to signify the completion or end of something, such as a project or an event. It ‌is often used in the entertainment industry to indicate the conclusion ‍of filming for a movie or television show. However, it can also be used in a more⁣ general sense to convey that something has⁤ concluded successfully or is finished.

Example: Let’s say you have been working on a ‌report for weeks and finally finish it. You might exclaim, “It’s a wrap!” to celebrate the completion of the‍ task and express your relief.

Anonymous reports say, that after the destruction of the Death Star, Admiral Ackbar shouted out “It’s a wrap!”

It’s a wrap!


What's the origin of It’s a Wrap?

The origin of “It’s a Wrap” can be traced back to the film industry. It is believed to have emerged in the early 1920s as a slang term used by film crew members⁢ to indicate the completion of filming a scene or an entire movie. ⁤The term “wrap” refers to the wrapping ⁢of the film reel, which denotes ⁢the end of shooting.

Over time, the phrase gained popularity⁤ and made its way into the common vernacular. Today, it is‍ widely understood and‍ used in various contexts⁣ beyond the film industry, making​ it a versatile expression for indicating the successful conclusion​ of any task or event.

“Wrap” is also used as a term for rushing someone in the phrase “Wrap it up” which further implies its connection to completion.

Over time, a backronym has emerged in the film industry, identifying the word “WRAP” with “Wind, Reel And Print.”

Spread & Usage

How did It’s a Wrap spread?

“It’s a Wrap” began rising in the common vernacular during the 1970s, and has been spreading ever since. It has inspired memes, such as the Admiral Ackbar paraphrase “It’s a Wrap,” while also serving as a versatile slang expression in everyday scenarios.

Throughout the decades, it has been featured in newspapers, marketing campaigns, movies, TV series, as well as online discussions and conversations. “It’s a Wrap” has truly become the slang of an era, that is still at large today.

So in you’re trying to Make Ends Meet, focus on Tying Up Loose Ends on Full Send, then when you’re done, you can call it a wrap!

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