Full Send


What does Full Send mean?

Full send is a popular idiomatic neologism, expressing going all out, even if it will only result in a Task Failed Successfully message, it is a Small Price to Pay for Salvation.

It is performed after asking Are You Challenging Me?” and saying, Hold My Beer”, proceeding to whip out a Comically Large Spoon, should they doubt you.

They may have said it is Not Scientifically Possible; it is likely They Called Me A Madman, but We All Make Mistakes in The Heat of Passion, Jimbo.

And as We Can’t Expect God to Do All the Work, perhaps we’ll fail, but we’ll wake on the other side, hearing Hey You, You’re Finally Awake, knowing we tried.

That is the essence of “Full Send”.


What's the origin of Full Send?

The expression can be traced back to the rock climbers of the 1990’s, who used the expression send for making a run on a wall, without stopping, falling or resting.

It quickly spread to various other extreme sports, like skiing and snowboarding, for describing flawless runs.

“Full Send” in its current form started gaining popularity in 2015, thanks to social media posts, like the content of Twitter user @jerryoftheday as well as the NELK crew.

Spread & Usage

How did Full Send spread?

Over the years, “Full Send” became a popular expression, associated with the NELK Boys, an entertainment company and YouTube channel.

They use the expression as a motto, a name for their podcast as well as their very own clothing brand.

The “Full Send” brand gained a lot of traction online since 2015, and as the company grew, so did the use of its catchphrase.

“Full Send” was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2017.

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