What does Kyle mean?

Kyle is a boy’s given name in English, that got associated with a certain archetype, best described as the “angry white boy”.

These “Kyle” boys are known for being generally angry and spiteful toward existence in general.

They also share a great enthusiasm for Monster energy drinks as well as Axe body sprays.

The “Kyle” phenomenon is similar to that of Karen, who is an archetype of the angry white mom.



What's the origin of Kyle?

The first time the name “Kyle” got associated with the phenomenon of the angry white boy, was in a 2015 Vine by Nick Colleti, with the title “White Kid Fight”.

In the short clip, the Viner shouts the phrase “WTF is up, Kyle?!” referencing the fact that many white boys are named “Kyle”.

Spread & Usage

How did Kyle spread?

“Kyle” memes started to be more and more frequent on the internet, following the aforementioned Vine and in 2016, the subreddit /r/Kyle was created, with increasingly absurd, bizarre and elaborate memes surfacing year by year, including the meme “This is how you baptize kids named Kyle” as well as the “Kyle punches Drywall” meme.

People had been writing definitions on Urban Dictionary about who the character “Kyle” is for a long time;

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