What does Demigirl mean?

A demigirl is a non-binary genderqueer person who partially identifies as a woman, and hence show more feminine traits than a neutral, agender non-binary.

They do not fully identify as a woman, hence the prefix “demi-”, meaning “half-”. Therefore, the term “demigirl” means “halfgirl”.

The term can also be used to define a person who was assigned female at birth, but feel little to no connection to their assigned gender. This is only in the case that they do not feel significant gender dysphoria or dissociation.

Another usage is when referring to a person who was assigned male at birth, but feel more connection to being female than male, yet not enough to completely identify as a woman, in which case they would be transgender.


What's the origin of Demigirl?

Made up of prefix “demi-” and “girl”, meaning “half-girl” or “partially girl”.

The term was first defined on Tumblr in 2014. This social platform is known for its openness towards the LGBTQ community.

It belongs under the non-binary umbrella term, and is rather frequently used compared to many other identity terms.

Spread & Usage

How did Demigirl spread?

The “demigirl” pride flag is made up of 7 horisontal stripes, of which the two outer ones are dark grey, followed by light gray, light pink and white in the middle.

The different shades of grey represent the partial nature of their gender, the pink is for femininity, and the white is for neutrality, and questioning shifting of gender.

This sexual orientation belongs to the demigender identity type, which is not to be confused with “demisexual”, a sexual orientation in which someone only feels physical attraction to a person after producing a deep emotional bond.

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