What does Demigender mean?

A person who is demigender is essentially non-binary, yet feels a partial connection to a binary gender.

For example, a “demiboy” feels a partial connection to the male gender, while a “demigirl” feels a partial connection to being female. In some cases, they just feel a partial connection to the concept of gender, and cannot fully describe this connection.

Most identify themselves as mainly non-binary, but may behave in was that are more feminine/masculine, meaning that they exhibit certain gender traits.


What's the origin of Demigender?

Made up of the prefix “demi-”, meaning “half” or “partial”, and “gender.

The term was coined in August 2010 by user Bad Patient in a discussion forum on the platform AVEN (The Asexual Visibility and Education Network).

He described how he particularly liked the already existing term “demiromantic”, and that demi could be used to define other orientations and gender identities as well.

Spread & Usage

How did Demigender spread?

In December the same year, “demigirl” and “demiguy”, two subtypes of “demigender” was added to the AVEN “Gender Definitions Masterlist.”

Less than a year later, the popular blog Genderqueerid also added the gender identity terms to their list “Genderqueer Identities & Terminology”.

In 2014, the community of “demigenders” strongly grew, as the “demigender” people finally found a term to define themselves. Therefore, the safe space for all “demigender” people demigenders was created on Tumblr, where they can meet other “demigenders”.

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