What does MOGAI mean?

Acronym of Marginalized Orientations, Gender identities, and Intersex.

It was created as an umbrella term for all gender identities and sexualities, including those that does not belong to the usual LGBTQ, such as asexuals, multisexuals etc.

It is even more inclusive than the LGBTQIA.

The LGBTQ(IA) community has criticized it, as it also involves sexualities towards anime and other cartoon characters, and other inanimate objects and imaginary characters.

MOGAI also defines gender as just an accessory, based on personality traits, aesthetics and even mental health symptoms – for example “Anorexgender”, identifying as a particular gender based on your anorexia.


What's the origin of MOGAI?

The term was created between late 2013 and early 2014, aimed to be an umbrella term describing sexual- and gender minorities (GSM).

The idea for the acronym is assumed to come from – then – 14-year-old tumblr user cisphobeofficial.

It wasn’t very famous until the summer of 2014, around Pride month, where it grew in popularity.

Spread & Usage

How did MOGAI spread?

The acronym is used by those who cannot define themselves under the usual LGBTQ+ gender, sexual and identity definitions.

However, it is a widely discussed movement, as anyone can create their own preferred identity, sometimes with no legitimate base, or very unacceptable orientations, such as pedophilia and necrophilia.

Many LGBTQ+ activists does not accept the movement.

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