What does Newhalf mean?

Newhalf is a synonym to a trans woman that has not had sex reassignment surgery.

The term suggests that the trans woman is made up of two halves, one male and one female, and the New half is the female one.

It is often used as a Japanese anime and manga slang, and describes a character with a feminine body but with male – or sometimes both – genitals.

The Newhalf is always very feminine looking, but also always has a penis.

Other synonyms which are more frequently used are “ladyboy” and “shemale”.


What's the origin of Newhalf?

The term originates from the Japanese word “futanari” which means “(to be of) two kinds”.

In Japan, the term is used for trans people, or in biology, to describe hermaphrodite organisms. Sometimes it also describes androgyny.

Outside of Japan, especially in weeaboo fandoms, Newhalf or Futanari is mainly used in eroge (erotic video games) and hentai (erotic anime).

Spread & Usage

How did Newhalf spread?

Newhalf is a popular genre in adult entertainment, and the content is basically the same as trans adult entertainment.

On YouTube you can find transformation videos, normally featuring asian trans women, and a storyline of their transformation from male to female.

For the specially interested, Newhalfs are frequently seen in Japanese hentai.

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