What does Skoliosexual mean?

Skoliosexual is a term used to describe individuals who are attracted to people who ⁣identify as transgender, non-binary, or genderqueer.

Unlike other​ sexual orientations, “Skoliosexual” focuses on an individual’s gender identity rather than their biological sex. For a “Skoliosexual”, archetypal roles like Butch and Femme, found in an LGBTQ relationship are not as relevant, and they may find themselves being attracted by Demigender people instead.

​ In other words, “Skoliosexuals⁢” are attracted to ⁣the ‌fluidity⁣ and diversity within the gender spectrum. It is important to⁢ note⁤ that “Skoliosexual” is not⁣ a⁤ widely ‍recognized or accepted term, and its usage ‍can vary among different individuals and communities.

Example: Imagine you’re at a party ⁤and you meet someone who identifies as non-binary. As a skoliosexual, you find⁣ their gender identity ‍intriguing and attractive, and‌ you feel a strong connection with this individual ‍regardless ​of their biological sex.



What's the origin of Skoliosexual?

The term “Skoliosexual” is believed ‍to⁤ have originated⁢ on ‍social media platforms, particularly Tumblr, in the early 2010s.

It is a combination of ‍the Greek word “skolio,” which means “bent” or “twisted,” and the term‌ “sexual.” The ⁣usage of the term gained popularity within LGBTQ+ communities, providing a way for individuals to​ express their attraction towards individuals who‍ exist outside the‌ traditional binary gender system. Although it does not have an official entry in recognized dictionaries, ​”Skoliosexual” ⁢has‌ become a part of the⁢ ever-evolving queer terminology.

Spread & Usage

How did Skoliosexual spread?

The usage of “Skoliosexual” has predominantly remained within online LGBTQ+ communities, ‌particularly in spaces where individuals feel ⁤more comfortable expressing ⁣their identities and preferences. ⁢

While “Skoliosexual” ⁣has‌ gained some recognition and ‍understanding within ‌these communities, it remains relatively ⁤unknown ‌to the general public.‌ Its spread has been largely driven by word-of-mouth and online discussions.

As society becomes more aware and accepting of diverse ‌gender identities, it is possible that⁢ the usage and understanding of “Skoliosexual” may expand in the future.

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