What does Mandem mean?

Mandem is a British slang for a group of people, usually for a group of men that you know.

It is similar to the terms “homies”, “bros”, “mates” etc.

It’s your gang – the group of friends you like to hang with.

The slang is used by particular groups of young, working-class boys, and others who are not fans of their lingo view the term as cringey and awkward.

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What's the origin of Mandem?

It originates from Caribbean creole, and is short for “man” and “them”, put together.

The term originally referred to the “men over there”, before it became the group of men you associate yourself with.

It is unsure when the slang started showing up in Caribbean culture, but it is recorded in UK around 2000.

Spread & Usage

How did Mandem spread?

You can mainly hear it in urban areas by young adolescent boys hanging out.

In 2010, singer Jessie J, included the slang in her hit “Do It Like a Dude”. Later, in 2016, Burna Boy released the single “Mandem Anthem”.

In April 2020, UK short film “Mandem” was released, its storyline presenting the life of two drug-dealing friends.

“Mandem” is often associated with the multicultural society of London.

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