Mike Hawk


What does Mike Hawk mean?

Mike Hawk is a gag name that, when said casually, sounds like “my cock.”

It is mostly heard in prank calls or scenarios, where someone is considering themselves to be really sly with their puns.

Similar to Hugh Mungus, it may be offensive to some people, resulting in them getting triggered and accusing you of harassment.


What's the origin of Mike Hawk?

The first form of the gag name came as Mike Hunt.

It had appeared in an Urban Dictionary entry in 2004, followed by “Mike Hawk” in 2006.

According to the definition, it was preceded by the less subtle, more profane sounding Mike Ock

Spread & Usage

How did Mike Hawk spread?

Both Mike Hunt and “Mike Hawk” received a lot of attention online, spreading onto sites and blogs like YTMND and eBaum’s World.

The gag name in title didn’t truly explode until 2009, however, when FAILblog shared a video of a U.S. special forces soldier, with the name “Mike Hawk.”

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