Monroe Piercing


What does Monroe Piercing mean?

Monroe piercing refers to a popular style of piercing, popularized by the facial marks of pop culture icons such as Madonna and Marilyn Monroe, the latter of whom serves as the inspiration for the accessory’s name.

Take a Trout Pout, add a tasteful glittery “Monroe piercing”, or Madonna piercing as it is called elsewhere, and you’ll end up with a nicely developed Swamp Donkey.


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What's the origin of Monroe Piercing?

Lip piercings have been around since the dawn of time, appearing in various time periods in various cultures across the globe.

Although it is unclear where the “Monroe piercing” comes from, it is known, it was named after Marilyn Monroe, who was one of the biggest beauty ideals of the 1950’s, with an iconic mole above her lip on the left side.

“Monroe piercing” first started gaining popularity in the 1990’s, thanks to Madonna, who also had a mole – or rumors say she replicated one – on her right cheek.

Spread & Usage

How did Monroe Piercing spread?

The aforementioned beauty idols served as the inspiration for the “Monroe piercing”, which started appearing on faces of women all across the globe in the 1990’s, and steadily rise in prominence during the 2000’s.

The phrase was first defined on Urban Dictionary on April 4th, 2006.

“Monroe piercing”, however is slowly dying down, with its popularity steadily declining since the beginning of the 2010’s.

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