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What does Uno Reverse Card mean?

The UNO Reverse Card is a powerful tool in the classic card game UNO. It can be used to switch the order of play, allowing someone who had previously lost their turn to take it back and gain an advantage. This idea of “reversing” or even “undoing” something has spread beyond the card game to become a metaphor for unexpected comebacks or karmic changes of events in life.

The meme has seen use primarily as a Photoshop exploitable, used with the same meaning as the “No U” meme. As a GIF, the “UNO Reverse Card” meme is often applied to situations where one person’s plans have been thwarted by another’s, representing a sudden and unexpected change of events. The meme can also be represented as the ultimate comeback from difficult circumstances or an impending reversal of fortune.

The power of the “UNO Reverse Card” meme lies in its ability to capture these seemingly random but powerful moments of chance that are so common in everyday life. Whether it’s a business venture that unexpectedly turns around or an interaction with another person that goes south, the “UNO Reverse Card” can be used to express these swift changes in direction. Ultimately, it’s a reminder that sometimes things don’t always go according to plan – but when you least expect it, you may get lucky and land on your feet!

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What's the origin of Uno Reverse Card?

The card was first introduced in the 1971 version of UNO, and has remained a part of the game ever since.

The first use of the “UNO reverse card” as a meme can be traced back to April 18th, 2018, when Urban Dictionary user Coolkid8761 defined it as “an upgraded no u.” This initial use was in the context of an insult being thrown back at the original speaker, with the “UNO reverse card” acting as a sort of “trump card” that nullifies the insult.

However, it wasn’t until May 10th, 2018 that the “UNO Reverse Card” truly went viral, thanks to an Imgur user who photoshopped the words “No U” onto an actual UNO card. This image caught on like wildfire, with people all over the internet using it as a way to hit back at someone who had just attempted to insult them.

Since then, the “UNO reverse card” has become one of the most popular memes around, with people continuously finding new and creative ways to use it.

Spread & Usage

How did Uno Reverse Card spread?

The card’s popularity as a meme spread further in October 2018, when the subreddit r/UnoReverse was launched, compiling screenshots and memes of situations where people were obliterated by the effects of an “UNO Reverse Card”.

On May 19th, 2019, a YouTube video compilation was uploaded to the channel ZiggyTV which has several video formatted memes using the “UNO Reverse Card”.

A popular crossover image macro depicts the “UNO Reverse Card” uniting with “No U” in an Epic Handshake.

Since 2020, the popularity of the meme has dwindled, although it is still widely popular online, appearing as reaction images, GIFs and video parodies on meme sites like Reddit subs, 9GAG and iFunny, as well as social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube and TikTok.

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