One and Done


What does One and Done mean?

One and Done may be used as a general slang for completing something once, then you never do it again, for example a one-night-stand, or winning the first round of a competition then losing everything that comes thereafter.

However, during the 21st century, “One and Done” has been associated with basketball.

To play in the NBA, the recruits must have reached 19 years of age. Because many finish high school when they are only 18, they proceed to do one year of college basketball, for then to quit and go to the NBA. The one year of college basketball is their “One and Done”.


What's the origin of One and Done?

It is a matter of debate, whether the term “One and Done” was coined in relation to the NBA decision of 2006, however, there are anecdotal accounts of the expression being used as early as the 1970s, in a wide array of contexts.

However, “One and Done” gained attetinon following 2006, when the NBA (National Basketball Association) introduced a controversial new rule that new recruits must be minimum 19 years old.

Rather than leaving out a year of playing, the high school graduates would apply for college – knowing very well that they do not plan on completing it – then leave after the first year. This one year was referred to as the “One and Done” year in college basketball.

Spread & Usage

How did One and Done spread?

A movie with the title “One and Done” was released in 2016, and tells the story of Australian basketball player Ben Simmons’ journey all the way from high school till he was the number one chosen in the NBA draft.

However, as the expression is simple and catchy, it can frequently be used in non-sport contexts as well, including single use products, or one night stands.

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