Peanut Butter Shot


What does Peanut Butter Shot mean?

Peanut butter shot is a slang term, used as a synonym in the U.S. Army for bicillin vaccination.

The vaccine is used by militaries all over the world, provided for every recruit upon joining the army (unless they are proven to be allergic to it).

Besides the incredible pain that comes with this vaccine, there are meant to be inevitable benefits to it, as it is used to treat many kinds of bacterial infections, not to mention strep or syphilis.


What's the origin of Peanut Butter Shot?

This expression’s origin is related to the actual peanut butter shot, which is a type of cocktail, consisting of peanut butter, whiskey, coffee liqueur and milk. It has a thick, runny density.

Due to the vaccines attributes mentioned above, the liquid is not able to absorb into the muscles as quickly as expected, causing immeasurable pain to the often unsuspecting recruits.

Spread & Usage

How did Peanut Butter Shot spread?

Given the military roots of this phrase, civilians are much more likely to run into it as an actual peanut butter shot – the drink.

Nevertheless, meme culture took advantage of the painful effects, and the miserable aftermath of this vaccine, depicting the term on numerous funny images across the internet, making fun of the cruel ways of the military healthcare.

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