Pocky Game


What does Pocky Game mean?

The Pocky game is an activity, sympathizing people play, in order to have a fun and make out in the end.

The game is played, using the Japanese Pocky sticks, that are dipped in chocolate.

The two participants bite each end of the stick and start munching it away, until their mouths meet in the middle, allowing them to have a stealthy and fun kiss.

Pocky game.


What's the origin of Pocky Game?

It is a mystery, who came up with this kind of game, as people have always been eager to kiss, as well as chew some random stuff, so it is quite obvious, that someone merged the two practices.

We can do the Pocky game, without a pocky stick as well, using a salt stick, or even spaghetti, like in the famous Disney movie Lady and the Tramp.

Spread & Usage

How did Pocky Game spread?

Pocky game is popular in almost all high school and college circles, and it is a common occurrence in Japanese konpa sessions as well.

Urban Dictionary had added the activity to the wide array of their definitions in 2004 already, enlightening those, who are sadly unfamiliar with this game, due to them being a social outcast or just not spending enough time in the company of other humans.

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