Aim Small Miss Small


What does Aim Small Miss Small mean?

Aim small, miss small is a term used in relation with sports or activities that require aiming. It refers to aiming at a small part of the target, such as the bullseye or the corner of the goal, instead of the entire target. So, if you miss with your shot, you will not fall far from the intended target instead of missing it completely.

By focusing on a smaller target in your sight picture, there is less chance of the projectile straying from your intended shot.


What's the origin of Aim Small Miss Small?

The term aim small miss small has its origins in the Military, used as a common catchphrase by shooting instructors to lecture soldiers.

It was implemented in everyday civil language after the catchphrase was featured in the movie The Patriot, which was released in the year 2000 and featured actors Heath Ledger and Mel Gibson.

Spread & Usage

How did Aim Small Miss Small spread?

Today, many firearms instructors and military operators use aim small miss small when instructing students or soldiers on the art of focusing on a target.

The clip that contained the catchphrase in The Patriot was uploaded to YouTube by RTE 463 in 2018, and has gathered almost 1 million views as of today.

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