Enchantment Table Language


What does Enchantment Table Language mean?

Enchantment table language refers to the foreign, alien looking letters which are used as the writing system on the enchantment tables of the video game Minecraft.

It is not a language in itself, just a different writing system, namely the Standard Galactic Alphabet, from the Commander Keen video game series.

This writing system is based on the letters of the Latin alphabet, with letters modified to look more outlandish to viewers.

Enchantment Table language for Minecraft!


What's the origin of Enchantment Table Language?

The “enchantment table language” or Standard Galactic Alphabet was created by Tom Hall for Captain Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons, which was released in December, 1990.

This alphabet would be then used in the widely successful game, Minecraft, which officially released in November, 2011.

The game had an enchanting feature, through which players may add magical properties to their tools, weapons and armor, using their enchanting table.

It was here, that people started noticing the strange markings, which they aptly named “enchantment table language”.

Spread & Usage

How did Enchantment Table Language spread?

Discussions arose already in 2011 about the origin and decipherability of the “enchantment table language”, however the topic became truly viral following 2019, with many learning that it is indeed the Standard Galactic Alphabet.

Since then, several discussions are held online, using the writing system, especially on sites like Reddit.

In 2021, a user created a translator for “enchantment table language” on LingoJam.

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