Mada Mada


What does Mada Mada mean?

Mada mada is Japanese and means “not good enough” or “not yet”.

The term itself however is most oftenly said in a ironical tone and can therefor also act as a synonym for “pathetic”.

Nowadays mada mada is mainly popularized in the form of a meme portraying the video game character Genji.

He is one of the most popular characters in Blizzards action shooter “Overwatch”.


What's the origin of Mada Mada?

Mada mada was used in Japan for a long amount of time. The current, more sarcastic or ironical meaning however was given to it with the creation of the Genji meme.

Genji was released to the game Overwatch on the 25th of April 2017 and the meme was created shortly after.

Spread & Usage

How did Mada Mada spread?

Since mada mada has made it’s way into the slang of the youth it was mainly spread through a wide variety of Genji memes, popular in Facebook groups, 9gag and many more.

Furthermore there is a Hashtag on Twitter under #madamada with a big following for the memes.

These were some of the main factors in making the term mada mada as popular as it is today.

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