Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner


What does Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner mean?

Nobody puts Baby in the corner is a memorable quote turned idiomatic phrase from the iconic movie, Dirty Dancing.

The expression is used for stating that talent should not be suppressed and tucked away out of sight, instead it should be displayed and embraced.


What's the origin of Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner?

The phrase is heard in the final scenes of the 1987 box office hit, Dirty Dancing right before the two protagonists perform their awe-inspiring dance.

Due to the great success of the movie, the quote has been embraced by many, all across the world.

Spread & Usage

How did Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner spread?

“Nobody puts Baby in the corner” was also used by the television series, Veronica Mars as a title for the seventh episode of Season 2.

The phrase was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2006.

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