Potent Potables


What does Potent Potables mean?

Potent potables is a slang expression for alcoholic drinks, popularized mainly be the television show Jeopardy!

Alternatively, it may also be used as the codename for the herb in a Jazz Cigarette.


What's the origin of Potent Potables?

Although the exact origin of the expression is unclear, an early documentation of it lies within the 11th volume of the Esquire, published in 1939.

During World War 2, its popularity rose significantly, as numerous media had adopted the expression, including literature and journals.

Spread & Usage

How did Potent Potables spread?

“Potent potables” gained widespread recognition as an iconic segment of the American television game show, Jeopardy! where players must display their knowledge of alcoholic beverages for a prize.

The segment remains a popular part of the series, and over the decades, it had turned into a veritable trademark for the show.

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