What does Preesh mean?

Preesh is a slang term and an abbreviation, that means “appreciation” or “I appreciate it”.

It is used as an informal way to express gratitude or positive recognition towards a decision, action, or person.

It is a general way for saying thanks, especially among the newer generations.


What's the origin of Preesh?

As mentioned above, preesh is an abbreviated version of the word “appreciate”.

We don’t know who exactly came up with the expression, but it is possible that it developed because it is easier to utter than its predecessor.

Early records of U.S. college slang backlogs show that the slang was used as early as in the 1980s.

However, some believe that the expression was even during previous decades.

Spread & Usage

How did Preesh spread?

Numerous versions of the expression started to appear in American slang use from the 1980s.

“Much preesh” and “not preesh” would be a few good examples for the derivatives of the term.

Online, we can find preesh defined on sites like Urban Dictionary, where it is featured in at least a dozen articles.

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