The Gutta


What does The Gutta mean?

The Gutta is an urban slang word for “The Gangster”. In urban culture it is used to describe either very cool people, people that are successful in business or even street criminals that have risen to the top.

The term Gangster has been around for over a century and over the years more and more alterations of the term became popular, one of which is “The Gutta”.


What's the origin of The Gutta?

The exact origin of Gutta as a synonym for Gangster is unknown.

However the term has become more popular over the last decade and is therefore believed to have been created between the late 1990s and early 2000s.

The first time Gutta was mentioned on the Urban Dictionary was in 2002, so closing in on two decades ago.

Spread & Usage

How did The Gutta spread?

The Gutta along with other synonyms for Gangster have been spreading for years.

With more and more people showing interest in urban and hip-hop cultures, the term has also reached a global level of awareness and is no longer only present in the USA.

Tough it is certainly not one of the widest known terms globally, especially in black culture it has strengthened it´s place.

External resources

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