Uncultured Swine


What does Uncultured Swine mean?

A person referred to as an uncultured swine is dumb, ignorant and foolish.

He is an outcast from society, and he knows nothing of how the world works around him. He doesn’t understand people and people don’t want to understand him.

Some will refer to an “uncultured swine” as a person who doesn’t understand pop culture, such as popular music, memes, movies, famous people etc.

If someone misunderstands a reference or a particular situation, you may refer to them as an “uncultured swine”.


What's the origin of Uncultured Swine?

In the first movie of the Toy Story series released in 1995, “Mister Potato Head” calls “Hamm” an “uncultured swine” because he doesn’t know who Picasso is.

In the animation film, “Hamm” is, in fact, a pig – or a swine – hence, the expression is not that much of a metaphor in the original use.

The slang however, not only insults the person by calling them uncultured, but also refers to them as a swine, known to have negative connotations.

Spread & Usage

How did Uncultured Swine spread?

In 2014, a Facebook status was shared where the poster called someone an “uncultured swine” for changing the music from Aerosmith to Fergie during a gym session.

The Facebook status was then copied and shared further to Reddit, to subreddit r/lewronggeneration.

The slang has been used as a silly insult online in forums and in comment fields of meme pages such as 4chan and 9GAG.

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