What does Protogen mean?

Protogen is a half-robotic, sci-fi inspired Furry species.

“Protogen” still look like anthropomorphic animals, but their face and certain other body parts are robotic.

They are notable for their cyborg-like appearance, but they still maintain both their human and Furry looks.

There are specific rules to how to draw a “Protogen”.

They must maintain their mammalian features, and not look too reptilian (because then they would look more like the species “Primagen”), they also MUST have biological ears, and must be bipedal.

Adorable protogen


What's the origin of Protogen?

“Protogens” were derived from Furries, and they were first created by Cedar Andrews (AKA Malice Risu) in 2017.

Furries are humanoid animals.

They stand on their hind legs, speak and behave like a human, but has the physical appearance of an animal.

Their appearance is often inspired by cats, dogs, foxes and rabbits.

They are sometimes represented sexually, and even their genitalia has detailed rules for how an artist must draw them.

“Protogens” are all these combined with sci-fi elements, adding a futuristic flavor to their appearance and character.

Spread & Usage

How did Protogen spread?

“Protogens” are popular among Furry enthusiasts, who also want their Fursona to have some robotic, or straight up cyberpunk features, because what could be more badass than an anthropomorphic animal cyborg?

“Protogen” is a popular theme for drawings and digital art, as well as comics, memes and even adult entertainment, found on sites ranging from Reddit to DeviantART.

The r/protogen sub was created on September 6th, 2018, having over 24,000 followers as of November 2022.

“Protogens” may be encountered in artwork on the aforementioned sites, as well as Roblox along with all the other Furry species, some cosplayers like to wear them as costume to cosplay events such as the Comic Con as well as the legendary Fur Con.

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