Queen of Spades Tattoo


What does Queen of Spades Tattoo mean?

Queen of Spades tattoo is a common tattoo, with a hidden significance.

While the hidden meaning is not in the mind of everyone, who possesses a “Queen of Spades tattoo”, many women wear it as a signal that they are attracted to black men.

Similarly, a “King of Spades tattoo” is often used by men to signal their interest in black women.



What's the origin of Queen of Spades Tattoo?

The exact origin of the phrase and the practice is unknown, although the spade tattoo has been used historically to signify dominance and power, and possessors of a “Queen of Spades tattoo” are often dominant in relationships, sometimes even marrying a “cuck” whom they cuckold with black men.

Spread & Usage

How did Queen of Spades Tattoo spread?

The phenomenon grew with the era of the internet reigning, as forums and message boards enable people with similar interests talk about their passions.

“Queen of Spades tattoo” was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2012.

In 2014, a subreddit was launched with the name /QueenofSpades, counting 65k members as of April 25, 2021.

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