See you next Tuesday


What does See you next Tuesday mean?

See you next Tuesday” is a so-called covered insult. The phrase is a euphemism for the offensive and derogatory term “cunt”.

The words “see you” when you say them out loud correspond to the letters “C” and “U”, and “next Tuesday” implies the “NT” ending.

This forms an acronym, when the letters are taken together, read the word “cunt”.

See you next Tuesday


What's the origin of See you next Tuesday?

The phrase dates back at least as far back as 1999, it was already defined by many slang dictionaries in the mid-2000s and it first appeared on Twitter in 2006.

An Irish professional wrestler drew some attention to the phrase after many years.

In January 2017, he got into a scandal for trash-talking an opponent before an upcoming match, using an alternative of the term “I’ll see you next Tuesday”.

Spread & Usage

How did See you next Tuesday spread?

Several performers have used the phrase, perhaps because of the taboo word it contains. For instance, the Hip-Hop group FannyPack named their 2005 album “See you next Tuesday”.

The singer Kesha also released a single in 2015 titled C U Next Tuesday. The phrase also is a title of a movie which aired in 2013, and an American grindcore band.

Since the 2000s it is still a popular expression used in everyday language and on the internet as well.

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