What does Shart mean?

It can happen to the best.

You are trying to discreetly pass some gas so that no one can hear it, but while gently pushing, you realize it’s not just gas you are passing.

Shart is when you think you only have to fart, but when you push, you accidentally let out a bit of poop as well.

If it’s a really small amount of feces, it may even be referred to as a wet fart, and if you are lucky you only end up with a small skid mark.

This was like 2 weeks ago… I’m 20 years old


What's the origin of Shart?

“Shart” is the combination of “shit” and “fart”.

This vulgar terms’ origin is unclear, but it was first recorded on a Usenet group in 2001, and then defined on Urban Dictionary in 2003.

What really made the term known was the 2004 comedy film Along Came Polly, in a scene where one character tells another he just “sharted”, followed by explaining his statement.

Spread & Usage

How did Shart spread?

Building up to the 2010’s and further, the term was frequently used in TV series, movies and other entertainment sources.

It is repeatedly mentioned by Peter Griffin in the American animated sitcom Family Guy.

 Other appearances include the 2010 movies A Logger’s Nightmare: Accident Forever Changes Family and Dirty Girls.

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