What does Shiesty mean?

Shiesty, also spelled “sheisty”, refers to a person that is untrustworthy.

The “shiesty” person’s ultimate goal is to gain something for themselves, no matter what.

It may involve cheating, lying, sabotaging and sneaking around, as long as it works out good for themselves.

The worst part about this “shiesty” person is that they will do all this while smiling and being friendly to your face, so in the worst case scenario, you won’t notice the damage is done until it’s too late to stop it.

It is similar to the main personality traits of psychopaths.


What's the origin of Shiesty?

The term stems from another English word “shyster”, derived from the German word “schisser”, meaning “someone who defecates”.

Technically, a “shitter”.

Hence, in more than one way, the term “shiesty” or “shyster” shows similarity to the slang “bullshitter”, a person who likes messing with people.

Spread & Usage

How did Shiesty spread?

In 2017, T. N. Baker released the book “The Sheisty Saga: Triple Crown Collection”, featuring three main characters that start acting really “sheisty” (by definition) towards each other.

The word “sheisty” is derived from, “shyster”, was mentioned in the 1981 comedy film S.O.B, describing the shyster as a disreputable lawyer.

Lawyers are commonly stereotyped to be “sheisty”, along with politicians.

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