Snow bunny


What does Snow bunny mean?

 An ethnic based slur for a white woman. It is a derogatory term used by people of color towards caucasian women.

Another definition is, an attractive woman who enjoys winter sports such as snowboarding or skiing.

Alternativly, “Snow bunny” may be defined as a woman who does cocaine, or as a white woman who is together with a black man, or just wears a Queen of Spades Tattoo.


Snow Bunny Nidalee Cosplay


What's the origin of Snow bunny?

The slang term Bunny, used for women can be traced back to the 1700’s, appearing in a wide variety of contexts, predominantly in the United States, as is proven by the expression Buckle Bunny, used for women found at rodeos.

“Snow bunny” itself first started emerging as a slang term during the 1950’s, following the 1952 Winter Olympics, where Women’s Nordic Skiing debuted.

This marked the beginning the trend of recreational skiing spreading in the post-war boom of the 50’s, leading to the emergence of the slang term “Snow bunny” for women indulging in winter sports.

Spread & Usage

How did Snow bunny spread?

Although the use of “Snow bunny” mostly remained in contexts related to skiing, in the 1970’s, it also started spreading in black communities, as a slur for white women in general, especailly in a sexual sense.

The phrase was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2004, with a plethora of entries to follow, either in the sense related to skiing or otherwise.

In 2012, the phrase appeared in the video game League of Legends as well, in the “Snow Bunny” skin of the character Nidalee, further spreading the popularity of the phrase.

This trend was continued by Bootsy Collins, who released the song “Snow Bunny” on his studio album “World Wide Funk” in 2017.

A song with the same title was also released by NBA Youngboy in 2022.

“Snow bunny” also appears in a wide variety of memes and image macros, humorously approaching the relationship between white women and black men.

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