Sweater Puppies


What does Sweater Puppies mean?

Sweater Puppies are the favorite breed of all men, overcoming every other incarnation of cuteness on this planet.

They are the warm, loving breasts of women we all know and love.

The expression refers to the natural habitat of breasts, the warmth of a sweater, while it also highlights the general attitude of men towards an ample bosom – they love them and caress them like a good puppy.

Despite this, one may also find a highly objectifying attitude in the slang term, if viewing from a feminist standpoint; reducing a woman to a certain part of their body, while simultaneously likening that spot to an article of clothing and a domestic animal is not very Woke.

For this reason, the use of “Sweater Puppies” is recommended in a mostly masculine context, in order to avoid arguments with the fairer sex.

Everyone likes some sweater puppies, right?


What's the origin of Sweater Puppies?

“Sweater Puppies” comes from the fact that men love to pet and cuddle nothing more than the soft, round bosom of women… not even puppies.

The pet of choice for men resides under the shelter of the sweaters, which by the act of protecting them, take on the form of the mummeries, gifting us with the silhouettes of the very things we love and embrace.

Though the expression’s origin is hard to pinpoint, it came to our dictionary most likely in the late 20th century and by the 2000s people have already been throwing the word around in conversations.

Spread & Usage

How did Sweater Puppies spread?

The first Urban Dictionary entry, that shed light on the phrase for the dwellers of the internet, was written in 2003.

Since then, there have been multiple other attempts on the site at finding a shrewder way of describing the puppies of the sweater.

Today, most people know what “Sweater Puppies” mean, and men are not going to picture a couple of cute dogs, wrapped in the cardigans of grandma.

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