What does Tallywacker mean?

Probably the original and the less known meaning for a Tallywacker is the length of a rope wherewith the shepherd would tie a knot every 10 sheep and then whack the slowest one with it.

The slang version of this term basically refers to a huge man’s best piece.

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What's the origin of Tallywacker?

The origin of the term is uncertain but first half can come from the 15th century english where ‘tally’ meant a stick with notches, or can come from the latin word “talea” meaning stick or rod.

There is also an alternative etymology for the word “Tallywacker”, which is that the word ‘tail’ was used as a slang between the 17C-18C.

Given this information, it can quite possibly be that this urban slang formed itself throughout the years.

Spread & Usage

How did Tallywacker spread?

The term is mainly used by narcisstic rugby players built like a two-door wardrobe in the US and AU, also known as rugger buggers.

In an 18th century dialect they refer to a man’s best piece as a tallywag but it is attested as “Tallywacker” since the 20th century.

The first ever definition on Urban Dicitonary was given to this term in 2003.

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