Thirst trap


What does Thirst trap mean?

The term Thirst Trap is used to describe someone who posts a sexy photo or video of themselves on social media with the intention of attracting attention and likes.

This can be done for either attention-seeking or validation purposes, or simply because the person enjoys feeling attractive and desired.

While the term is most commonly used in reference to women, men can be thirst traps too.

In fact, the origin of the term is believed to be from gay male culture, where it was used to describe someone who was deliberately trying to attract sexual attention.

“Thirst Trap” may be used both in a positive and a negative sense, although photos posted on social media have a tendency to attract more hate than love.

The act of “Thirst Trapping” can be encountered on several social media sites, the most popular of which is Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter.

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What's the origin of Thirst trap?

Although “Thirst Trap” is said to originate from gay subculture, the lack of material evidence leaves the exact origin of the phrase unsure.

However, social media has always been known to be the go-to place for people who post “attractive photos” for likes and the daily dose of dopamine.

The term, started appearing in 2011 on Twitter.

Soon after this, the first Urban Dictionary definition on the phrase was uploaded, with plenty of other entries added since then.

Spread & Usage

How did Thirst trap spread?

In 2016, the phenomenon had grown so big, that BuzzFeed made a compilation of celebrity thirst traps, including people like Drake and Kim Kardashian.

Instagram is the natural habitat of “Thirst Traps”, with the posts usually come paired with the hashtag #ThirsTrapThurstdays.

While “Thirst Trap” was originally used for posing and sexy photos, now they are often utilized for photogenic people or a good picture in general.

These days, “Thirst Trap” has become a popular meme, with people posting tongue-in-cheek versions of sexy photos with captions like “if this doesn’t make you thirsty, I don’t know what will.”

They are especially prevalent on TikTok, where a well timed, neatly executed “Thirst Trap” will definietly get you a large amount of views and followers.

But while the “Thirst Trap” can be funny, it can also be motivating.

Alternatively, it may be used as a funny way of complimenting someone, alluding to their sexy appearance.

For some people, posting a “Thirst Trap” is a way of owning their sexuality and feeling empowered by their own desirability.

In a world that often tells women they are too much or not enough, posting a “Thirst Trap” can be a way of saying “I am exactly what I want to be, and I’m not sorry about it.”

So whether you’re posting a “Thirst Trap” for laughs or for feels, do it with confidence and remember that you’re in control of your own sexuality.

No one can tell you how to use your body or what kind of photos you should post – so make sure you’re doing it for yourself and no one else.

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