Thirst trap


What does Thirst trap mean?

Thirst trap is the modern method of feeding your ego and self-value, by posting an erotic, posy picture of you.

The poster of the thirst trap always relies on others confessing their attraction to them, giving their vanity the daily dose of ass licking and the brain one more reason to be addicted to your phone.

It can be used in a positive as well as a pejorative sense, depending on the context and who we are saying it to.

Thirst trap


What's the origin of Thirst trap?

Social media has always been known to be swarmed by people who trade “attractive photos” for likes and the daily dose of dopamine at the sight of notifications.

The term however started to appear in 2011 on Twitter.

Soon after this, Urban Dictionary had defined the phrase, with plenty of other entries added since then.

Spread & Usage

How did Thirst trap spread?

In 2016, the phenomenon had grown so big, that BuzzFeed made a compilation of celebrity thirst traps, including people like Drake, Kim Kardashian among others.

Instagram is the natural habitat of thirst traps usually coming with the hashtag #ThirsTrapThurstdays.

While thirst trap was originally used for posing and sexy photos, now they are often utilized for photogenic people or a good picture in general.

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