Thot patrol


What does Thot patrol mean?

Thot patrol is a meme page, found on Facebook, centered on African American humor.


What's the origin of Thot patrol?

The first instance of the page was launched in 2016, though a few months later it was shut down, most possibly because of Facebook’s efforts put into controlling memes that don’t fit the site’s norms on social behavior.

The page however war started up again in the same month, and has lived on ever since, as well as a group which feautres prominent shitposting and jokes on the sides of the members.

Spread & Usage

How did Thot patrol spread?

Thot patrol grew rapidly, with their memes spreading far and wide and contributing to popularizing memes, like Deadass and Timb.

The page, as well as groups feature memes, both original and “stolen” and has remained high in quality, though with the launch of the second page, the content became more diverse.

The brother site of Thot patrol is called Ctfu world.

Both have several in-jokes, like “If she breathe, she a thot”, “All women are thots” and a couple of others.

Shortly after the creation of the page, Urban Dictionary was swarmed with definitions on the true meaning of Thot patrol.

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