What does Trannies mean?

A “tranny” is an abbreviation for a transgender.

Transgenders are people who are born into a body with one assigned gender – a boy or a girl – but feel, behave, dress and show themselves as the opposite.

Many also see to sex reassignment surgery, which is a clinical surgery that changes the genitals from male to female, or opposite.

From 2010, “Tranny” was a highly discussed word. Some took pride in it and used it for themselves, while other viewed it as a derogatory transgender slur.

In 2017 it was banned from media, and Facebook considered it hate speech.


What's the origin of Trannies?

Tranny or trannies is an abbreviation of the original word(s) transgender, transvestite and/or transsexual.

4500 year old Sumerian and Akkadian texts include transgender priests. Several Native American and Indigenous groups recognize a so-called third gender, or gender fluid people through their history.

Because of this, it seems that transgender people has been part of our community for thousands of years, likely ever since humans have lived.

Spread & Usage

How did Trannies spread?

As “tranny” is today considered a slur and an insult to transgender people, it should not be used to refer to them.

Acceptable terms are “trans”, “trans-woman” or “trans-man”, or simply just “transgender”.

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