What does Vaguebooking mean?

Vaguebooking is the practice of posting something on a social platform, usually Facebook, that sends a very vague, ambiguous message about your emotional state.

The post’s purpose is primarily to get attention, but without directly asking for it.

However, 90% of your friends and followers can easily see through this stunt, and find it extremely cringeworthy.

The other 10% will comment “omg, whats wrong?” or “are you okay?”, to which the “vaguebooker” will pour their heart out in paragraphs about their life.

“Vaguebooking” is a subtle, awkward cry for help on social media, that prompts family members and friends to enquire about your issues.



What's the origin of Vaguebooking?

The term stems from 2009, and is a combination of the words “vague” and “Facebook”.

“Vague”, because you are faintly hinting to people that something is wrong, but you are not saying what is wrong, and “Facebook”, because this is the no.1 social platform used for this purpose.

The term was first defined by user elbandidomaximo on Urban Dictionary.

Spread & Usage

How did Vaguebooking spread?

“Vaguebooking” is much looked down on by anyone else that the “vaguebooker” themself, hence, “vaguebooker” is used as an insult.

The webpage is a collection of cringeworthy “vaguebook” posts that anyone can upload.

After a quick browser-search for the term, you will soon find articles on “How vaguebooking can destroy your relationships”, or “why is vaguebooking bad for your mental health?”, all encouraging people from the discomfort-causing habit.

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