What does Yeet mean?

Yeet is an exclamation of extreme power and vibrating superiority, mostly used as a battle cry, when you are throwing a projectile out, into oblivion.

It may also be used as an expression for our overflowing enthusiasm, becoming synonymous with an extraordinarily strong yes.

Similar to Skyrim, real life shouts also get stronger if you add more words of power to them and the second level of yeet is ya yeet.

The final form of the shout has not been uncovered as of this day.


What's the origin of Yeet?

Yeet had been in use since 2004, but initially, it was mostly unnoticed.

Urban Dictionary already had an entry for yeet in 2008, defining it as an excited exclamation in a sports or sexual contexts.

Yeet have been featured in several contexts since 2008, including dance videos of black people, memes of Lil Meatball, as well as a girl, yeeting an empty soda can into the crowd.

It is a major part of our culture by this day, so much so, that yeet even has its irregular past and future tenses.

Spread & Usage

How did Yeet spread?

Yeet has gotten popular with the aid of Lil Meatball, who featured the term in a viral video.

The term had its ups and downs, in 2018 its popularity saw a massive plummet, but luckily it is continuing to be in widespread use across the new generation.

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