What does DDF mean?

DDF refers to a popular abbreviation, mostly encountered on online dating sites or applications. The acronym stands for the phrase “Drug and Disease Free,” and is mostly used to signal an individual’s preference for a healthy and safe lifestyle, in order to evade misunderstandings and find a suitable, like-minded partner.



What's the origin of DDF?

While the exact origin of the acronym is not known, it started emerging during the 1990’s, on the internet, predominantly on dating sites.

Its popularity took a massive surge following 1993 and since then it is one of the most encountered abbreviations in online dating, along with acronyms like BBW or SSBBW.

Spread & Usage

How did DDF spread?

With the increasing popularity of the internet, “DDF” remained a constant on online dating profiles, later appearing on applications such as Tinder, or Bumble as well.

“DDF” was first defined on Urban Dictonary in 2003, with a large amount of other entries having been written since then.

The expression has also been adopted into conversations, used to highlight one’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

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