What does GLHF mean?

The meaning of GLHF is “good luck, have fun”.

It is most prevalent in online gaming, used as a courteous gesture toward our opponent, to maintain good feelings from the start of the game.


What's the origin of GLHF?

The acronym was created during the dawn of online gaming, during the 1990’s and with the explosion of the gaming industry in the 2000’s, it never really faded from people’s thoughts, though it never became a well endorsed practice either.

Spread & Usage

How did GLHF spread?

“Glhf” first appeared on Urban Dictionary in 2003, enabling multitudes of people on the web to embrace the phrase themselves.

Despite its relatively long history, however, “glhf” is not nearly as popular as it should be, as toxicity in online gaming is a widely encountered problem, that may spoil the experience for many.

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