What does NP mean?

The meaning of NP is “no problem”.

It is a widely popular form of being courteous online, while saving time on typing in messages.

Alternatively, “Np” may stand as the abbreviation for Nepal.


What's the origin of NP?

It originates from the 90’s, when the internet, as well as its chatrooms and forums were considered an exquisite novelty.

People started using “np” in response to its pair, “ty” which expresses thanks.

With the appearance of texts on phones, the shortenings spread even farther, endorsed by many.

Spread & Usage

How did NP spread?

“Np” was defined on Urban Dictionary as early as 2002.

It is widely popular up to this day and can be encountered all over the internet, from games to chatrooms and message boards to social media and – of course – our day to day texting habits.

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