What does TOS mean?

TOS is a common internet abbreviation, referring to one of the most widespread contract people accept without reading a word from it; the “Terms of Service”.

It may also convey different messages, such as “The Other Site” or “Temporarily Out of Stock”, however these are rare in comparison.


What's the origin of TOS?

While the exact origin of the abbreviation is not known, “TOS” similar to many other abbreviations and acronyms found online was established during the mid-1990’s.

It was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2003, with a large amount of other definitions having been written since that time.

Spread & Usage

How did TOS spread?

Over the years, as more and more people embraced the digital revolution, more of us were exposed to the acronym at some point, solidifying the common position of “TOS”.

Today, one is presented with “TOS” before entering any site, application or software installation for the first time.

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